What is Shared Services

Shared Services programmes often arise from an economic or financial need to reduce costs and improve efficiency, and this was the case in Ireland.

However, private sector and international public sector experience illustrates that the value of Shared Services stretches beyond the direct benefits of cost savings and efficiency, to other benefits such as the provision of better management information to enhance decision making and the freeing up of senior management resources to focus on policy development over efforts related to transaction processing.

Shared Services delivers on the Government’s vision for change.

The benefits of implementing Shared Services include:

  • Greater efficiency in service delivery through standardising and optimising business and transactional processes into one Shared Services operation
  • Increased focus on ensuring consistent high quality customer service Working in new ways
  • Utilising enabling technologies
  • The provision of a real opportunity to drive workforce reforms that will support the civil service into the future
  • Fostering of strategic capability which can drive capacity and capability building within organisations.

Taken together, these best practices are delivering better outcomes – in terms of service delivery, cost, transparency and accountability. They provide a foundation for a more efficient and effective public service.