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From TBC the National Shared Services Office (NSSO) will make payments on behalf of the Government Departments and Offices listed here.

Here’s what this means for you and your suppliers:

You’ll provide your suppliers with PO numbers generated on the new finance system and ensure that all invoices are sent to the NSSO.

Key changes for organisations using NSSO finance shared services: 

  • Raise requisitions on the new (Oracle) finance system through iProcurement
  • Provide suppliers with a Purchase Order (PO)number on every invoice. Without it payments will be delayed
  • Always receipt goods and/or services on the finance system. This allows the NSSO to match the PO number on the invoice to the goods receipt and release the payment.
  • You can set up Suppliers to use the iSupplier online self-service portal. This allows suppliers to manage Purchase Orders, invoices and submit payments. For more information click here.
  • Suppliers can also submit electronic invoices through eInvoicing. Learn more here.
  • Important: Changes to payments outlined here only refer to organisations which have transferred financial functions to the NSSO. Government Departments/Offices not on this list will experience no change to their supplier process at this time.