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Stages of ePMDS

Mid-year review

The ePMDS prompts managers by email to review and sign off on the Mid-Year review form. Managers must review the following areas of the eForm:

  • Each goal, including the employees ‘Mid-Year Review’ Status and Comments fields
  • Comments on the employee’s ‘Career Development’
  • The Employee’s ‘Mid-Year Review Status’ update and comments
  • The Employee’s Mid-Year Review feedback
  • The Employee’s self-assessment

The manager then updates “Manager’s Assessment” field on the eForm. Managers can sign off the agreement by clicking the ‘Sign Off’ button at the bottom of the form. The employee will then receive an email notification confirming manager sign off.

Note: Employees and Managers can transfer the ePMDS Mid-Year Review eForm numerous times between them. Mid-Year Review is only complete when the employee ‘signs off’ the eForm.

Cut-off date for goal setting/mid-year

To complete the mid-year review, you must complete the goal setting by the cut-off date. Then, the ePMDS system will automatically generate a mid-year review eForm for you to complete.

If you do not complete the goal setting by that date, the system will not generate a mid-year review eForm. Instead, you will be immediately redirected to the end of year review.

End of year review

Managers should follow the process to sign off on the form. For mid and end of year reviews, the form will go back to the employee to review and sign off.

End of year review

Managers should complete the end of year review as usual with staff members. Be sure to obtain staff members’ PPSN and NSSO User ID to complete the attached template in the forms section.

Complete the template, making sure to update all required information.

Create a CMS case for the PMDS team by using the “attach” button and uploading the template to the case. Line Managers with no access to a PC should submit the evaluation and narrative to their local HR unit, which will then complete the template and submit to NSSO on their behalf.

For local HR units

For all local HR units who manage the PMDS ratings for their staff, contact the NSSO to avail of the mass upload facility.

In order to ensure that all data is updated accurately, please note the following:

  • Only PMDS data updated to the PMDS template form will be accepted
  • You do not need to submit the completed annual review form – this should be completed and dealt with as normal
  • The NSSO will not be responsible for the checking the accuracy of data supplied. This is the responsibility of the officer completing the template
  • For staff who have taken a career break, shorter working year, long term sick, etc. the evaluation should be awarded on the performance for the period worked.

Internal review

If an employee is unhappy with their manager’s evaluation in the end of year review form, they can ask the NSSO for an internal review by clicking on the button in the ePMDS form. NSSO will reply to them and send an advisory notice to their manager. The NSSO will then contact the Local HR Unit to identify the internal reviewer who will act as the employee’s second supervisor. The NSSO will then send your form to them.

Managers have no active part in this stage other than to receive email notifications of the internal review request and its outcome.

The internal reviewer will complete the review, update the form and send it back to the employee. This is the final step in the process and does not need sign-off.

The system automatically updates and authorises any increments that employees may be due. It will then send ‘stage closure’ notifications to everyone involved.

Employees on a higher grade

If you are ‘acting up’ in a higher grade, you will need to add the right higher-grade skills for each goal in the ‘goal description’ field on your ePMDS Form. Please refer to the document on our help and guidance page.