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About pensions

To submit an application, you can log into HR self-service.

You can access your pensions service statement and seek changes to your pension arrangements through the NSSO website. This also lets you transfer service, buy additional service, claim a marriage gratuity repayment or make up a contributions shortfall. To find out more about Civil Service pensions, visit about superannuation information. For a glossary of pensions terms, visit the Pensions Authority website.

The Irish Civil Service Pensions Information Centre has a pensions modeller that helps you to estimate your projected benefits based on your salary and service details.

Read more about public service pension reform.

The Civil Service Code of Standards and Behaviour contains information about what’s expected of Civil Servants after retirement.

To find out how you can purchase notional service, or view an estimate of your retirement benefits, please see our Pension Modeller User Guide for detailed information.

User guide: accessing the pension modeller

Members of the single public service pension scheme

If you are a member of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme (SPSPS) you are entitled to buy referable amounts towards a retirement pension and/or lump sum. The scheme also lets you transfer pension funds from Revenue-approved pension schemes and private pensions. For more details, visit the website.

How to start receiving your pension payment

After receiving your exit form, NSSO will send you a retirement pack with useful information and the forms you will need to complete in order to apply for your pension benefits.

You can also download the retirement forms here.

The information guide available on this page will help you to fill out the retirement forms.

Complete the forms and post them to: Resignations and Retirements, National Shared Services Office, Block 5, Belfield Office Park, Beech Hill Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4, D04 A9P2.

After receiving your completed and signed retirement forms, NSSO will take care of all the administrative work for your retirement, pension, and leave entitlement (if any). This may take several weeks. Once the process is finished, NSSO will send you a letter with details of your approved pension entitlements.